Yoga and Meditation

Carola is the creator of Kaladanda Yoga, a fusion of the lineages of India and Tibet that integrates:
External practices: Ethics, Asana, Pranayama, Kirtan, Karma Yoga and Guru Yoga
Internal Practices: Study of ancient texts and Meditation.
These practices develop Compassion and Wisdom which, together, accelerate the process of transformation. From a suffering body and mind to a balanced body and mind.
Kaladanda Yoga works on all aspects of our being:
body, breath, energy, mind and our relationships with others
and with the world. The result is greater harmony between the layers, and this is likely to result in the development or discovery of compassion and wisdom within you.
In the Meditation Courses given by Carola, the techniques for Shamatha, Vipashyana and the 4 Virtues of the Heart are studied as they are taught in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
During the 2004-2018 period, she trained teachers in the Kaladanda method. She currently gives yoga and meditation workshops and retreats.
May all beings everywhere be genuinely happy and free from suffering.
May our lives contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom of all.
Double exposure of woman doing yoga exer
Double exposure of woman doing yoga exer