Expressive Arts Therapy and Creative Dance

Expressive Arts Therapy uses movement, music, visual arts, creative writing, and drama to promote self expression, creativity, "awareness" and the highest states of consciousness.
This multi-modal approach integrates and awakens all aspects of our being- body, mind, emotions and spirit. Carola is certified in The Creative Connection® method that was developed by Natalie Rogers (person-centered approach), which interweaves the expressive arts to reach the deep source of creativity that lives within us.
By moving consciously, we open ourselves to sensations and emotions that we can express in color or shapes. When we write the words later, they can arise when before we could not find the words to express ourselves.
While traditional forms of coaching, counseling, and psychological therapy tend to rely exclusively on verbal dialogue, the expressive arts use a wide range of self-expression methods that can help us achieve greater awareness and achievement.
The focus is on the process, the goal is not to create beautiful art, or choreography or books to publish. The objective is self-awareness which is transmitted through positive and constructive action in our life. The inner journey of the expressive arts can be a sacred and often mystical experience that leads you to rediscover your creativity and self-acceptance.
Creative Dance explores the concepts of movement, interaction with others, interaction with elements, choreographic composition, fine arts, stories, and meditation.
It is a workshop that explores the interrelation of the arts and the possibility of expressing ourselves in different media with ease and confidence.
In addition, you learn basic vocabulary and technique of classical dance and brain gymnastics with exercises that make it easier and more fun.
To do expressive arts therapy, you don't need
"know" no dance technique or fine art.
The sessions can be individual or group.
With children, adolescents, youth and adults.
Carola Terreni

Concerning dance, arts and psychology:

•  I study and practice dance/ movement therapy since 1987.  My first sessions in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) were with Marcia Leventhal in Santa Monica College, and had the fortune to continue learning with Marcia, as well as with Alma Hawkins, Sharon Chaikilin, Fran Levy and Joan Chodorow amongst many other great teachers in USA.

•  I am a certified Creative Dance Teacher from the Anne Greene Gilbert School in Seattle.

•  I studied with Graciela Bottini and Maria Gonzales Blue got my Certified Therapist in

Expressive Arts in Creative Connection Method title.  This is an expressive arts method created by Natalie Rogers on a person centred apporach

•  I am finishing my thesis for my degree in Psychology with specialization on Trauma from the Endicott College, USA.

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